October Committee Meeting Agenda

Where Caledonia Library, History Room
When October 2, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
Who Parents of Pack 3245 Scouts


Popcorn Sales Results

Powered by Popcorn!

Once again our 2011/2012 Popcorn drive was a huge success. Our gross sales were over $12,000 with 33% of that coming back to our pack in funds to support our program. In addition to meeting our own goal, we met our council goal which resulted in a 4% bonus. Purchases from council must be made in whole cases and so we swapped product with other units so we could meet our per item requirements. Despite this trading, we still have some inventory available for purchase. If you have interest, please contact Val at 616-570-8339.

September 30th Popcorn Kickoff

Pop Corn!!

Is everybody ready for some POPCORN! During our monthly Pack Meeting we will be kicking off our 2011 Popcorn Season. To complement the information you'll hear about at the Pack Meeting you will find all the details in the files attached to this article. Popcorn sales begin Saturday, October 1st through Tuesday, November 1st. Popcorn will be available for delivery on Saturday, November 19th. This years sales goal for the entire pack is $12,800 dollars. This is set by the council and is based on last years sales and the potential for the Caledonia area.

September 24th Pack Campout

Garfield and Odie Camping

Let's go CAMPING! Come and enjoy an overnight adventure in the group campsite located at Yankee Springs State Park. Read the full text for updates on Recipes and What to Bring.

2011/2012 Cub Scout Season

The 2011/2012 season will be our second year since resuming Pack 3245. We learned a lot last year and hope to make this year even more fun and exciting for the kids. As the process of managing the pack slowly becomes second nature we hope to have more energy and focus for kids and activities. One of the changes we have made is the introduction of a new site. The new site uses Drupal to make it easier to publish all kinds of content. We will still rely on the Scout Tracker site to manage our calendar and cub advancement and this site will be dedicated to information and stories.

Parent Handbook

Be sure to check out our new Parent Handbook, it covers most of the basics regarding our pack and scouts in general.

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