Popcorn Sales Results

Once again our 2011/2012 Popcorn drive was a huge success. Our gross sales were over $12,000 with 33% of that coming back to our pack in funds to support our program. In addition to meeting our own goal, we met our council goal which resulted in a 4% bonus. Purchases from council must be made in whole cases and so we swapped product with other units so we could meet our per item requirements. Despite this trading, we still have some inventory available for purchase. If you have interest, please contact Val at 616-570-8339.

Sales Summary

Sales $12006.14
Show and Sell + Show and Deliver $4494.00
Take Orders $6912.00
Expected 4% Bonus $461.44
Product Swaps $-25.30
Remaining Inventory $164.00
Costs $8075.20
Net Profit $3930.94

Top Sellers

We must thank everyone who participated for their efforts. As a pack we met our goals and as a result we will have a Pizza Celebration during our Pack meeting on January, 27th. The following make up our top sellers for this season:

  • Austin Deller, First place @ $1,100
  • Cameron Farina
  • Ian Kaiser
  • Greg Gaudreau

Remaining Available Product

Please see Val Gootjes (616-570-8339) if you are interested in purchasing any of our available product. At this point we have already paid for the product so anything we sell will go directly to the bottom line.

  • 2 x Butter Light @ $18/ea
  • 1 x Unblievable Butter @ $18/ea
  • 1 x Popping Cord @ $10/ea
  • 10 x Caramel Corn @ $10/ea