Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts of America has many programs available to our youth. These programs all target different age groups and interests of young members. The Cub Scouting program is targeted at boys aged 7 to 12 (1st thru 5th grade) and is a family-oriented program designed to meet the needs of younger boys. Many Cub Scout members continue on in Scouting by joining the Boy Scout program.

Cub Scout Program
Cub Scouting is an active program. Boys learn by doing, and there's no end to the fun things that Cub Scouts do in their dens, as a pack, and at special events. With activities held at every level - family, den, and pack - Cub Scouting provides a year-round program of fun and learning for boys and their families.

A pack is a group of Cub Scouts sponsored by a local Chartered Organization. Kettle Lake PTO chartered Pack 3245 on August 1st, 1988. The pack is entirely run by unpaid volunteers. Our committee is made up of a small number of people who perform various roles within the Pack. The positions include Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Treasurer, Emmons Lake Coordinator, Webmaster and our Den Leaders.

The Pack is a collection of Dens. The Dens include Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I, and Webelos II groups of kids. These Dens are divided along school grade ages and correspond to students in first through fifth grades. The Dens are lead by a Den Leader, who generally has a child within the Den, and helped by an Assistant Den Leader.

Den and Pack Meetings
Den meetings provide a structured environment where boys progress through the Cub Scout program. Dens generally meet every other week at the Kettle Lake Elementary. In den meetings the boys focus on completing core requirements and show the results of their efforts on electives to the other members and leaders.

At the pack meetings, families celebrate all of the achievements along the way. Pack meetings are generally held periodically throughout the school year.

Cub Scout Camping
Cub Scouting offers several camping opportunities for Cub Scouts, through day camps, resident camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, council-organized family camps, and pack overnighters.

Excursion and Field Trips
Cub Scouts enjoy many outdoor experiences as they participate in the variety of activities that can be held outside, such as field trips, hikes, nature and conservation experiences, and outdoor games.

Special Events
In addition to regular meetings and outdoor activities the pack organizes special events, held at various times of the year, that offer opportunities for members to enjoy fun family time as a group. These optional activities include things like attending local sporting events at group discounted prices.

Parent Handbook
A more complete explanation of the organization of our pack can be found in the Parent Handbook.